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My name is Al Delgado, owner, creator for Standup Golf and Hawkeye Alignment Systems. Traditional bent over golf swing setup twisted and injured my lower back, no longer could bend over to swing any golf club. I stood up, instantly regained free motion and all my physical attributes I practiced long hours to control. Finally hit a golf ball with power, control, solid and without back pain! Standup golf was born! Bending over to swing a golf club has injured over 77% amateur golfers and 50% PGA golfers, everyday bent over golfer’s are injuring their lower back and extremities. Golfers are forced to bend over and swing short golf clubs to hit a golf ball without an alternative. Bending over splits a body into halves, upper and lower are positioned at independent angles that oppose and fight each other. Multiple body angles increase stress, muscle tension on your lower back and a body is no longer in its free natural state. During a traditional bent over golf swing entire body does not rotate whole, stationary, free and level. In this awkward, bent over, angled golf swing position, swing positions a golf club overhead, twisted and offline to a golf ball and target. During an overhead swing body is in constant gyrating motion, upper and lower body fight each other with loss of turning, timing, rhythm, balance, power, driving distance and accuracy, you are not in control and not who you are, a gifted athlete. Everyone spends countless hours in this awkward, tiring bent over position practicing to hit that magical golf shot.

Every overhead golf swing buries a club head below ground, sends vibration and pain up your entire body, if all goes well you will connect 1 out of 10 golf shots. Everyone stands up and are Standup golfer’s with a driver, fairway metals and not with short irons or a putter. Let me introduce you to Standup Golf. Just Standup! This is who and what we are, remain whole centered, balanced and a gifted athlete to hit a stationary golf ball! Converting to Standup golf does not require rebuilding a golf swing. Just Standup! Once you Standup to swing a golf club lower back stress and tension is released, body turns whole, free, level and gyrating motion is minimized. Swing and golf club remain online, golf club hits a golf ball level on center of club face and releases thru a golf ball. Power, control and acceleration increase and all your natural resources traditional bend over golf robbed everyone of are regained. Most important consistency and accuracy increase, now you can take it from the driving range to the golf course and have fun again. Just turn and go!


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